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Jacinta Mbithe: Woman who went to Egypt as a househelp only to end up running multi-million businesses worldwide

by Paul Nyongesa
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Life often throws unexpected challenges our way, and it’s our resilience and determination that determine how we overcome them.

The story of Jacinta Mbithe, a Kenyan expatriate in Egypt, is a compelling example of how one woman’s unwavering resolve, combined with the support of her community, transformed adversity into a remarkable journey of success.

Jacinta was born and raised in a middle-class family in Kenya, leading a relatively ordinary life. She pursued her education, attending primary and secondary school, and later enrolled in university. Like many young individuals, she dreamed of a future filled with love, happiness, and stability.

Her dreams took shape when she met her soulmate, Michael. The two fell in love and decided to tie the knot, hoping to build a life together. As their love blossomed, they welcomed two beautiful children into their family, a son and a daughter. Life seemed promising, and they embarked on their journey as a married couple.

Jacinta made the choice to stay at home and manage her small business while her husband, Michael, worked to provide for their family. Together, they navigated the ups and downs of life, cherishing the moments they shared with their children and building a loving home.

However, fate had an unexpected twist in store for Jacinta and her family. In 2004, tragedy struck when Michael passed away suddenly. Left as a single mother with two young children to care for, Jacinta was faced with a daunting challenge. Her small business, while meaningful, was not sufficient to meet the financial needs of her family.

In the face of adversity, Jacinta refused to succumb to despair. She understood that she had to step up for her children and take charge of their future. It was during this trying time that the true essence of her resilience began to shine.

In 2016, a glimmer of hope emerged as a friend based in the United States reached out to Jacinta. This friend offered to assist her in securing a job that could provide better financial stability for her and her children. Together, they embarked on the complex journey of paperwork, navigating the bureaucratic hurdles involved in international employment prospects.

Their initial attempt to secure a visa for Jacinta ended in disappointment, but this setback did not deter her. Her friend suggested an alternative path – Egypt. They repeated the laborious process of paperwork, this time with a different destination in mind, and their determination bore fruit. Jacinta successfully secured a job in Egypt, marking a turning point in her life.

However, her path in Egypt was not without its trials. Initially working as a domestic worker, Jacinta later transitioned to a role in gyms before eventually finding a job as a translator. Her hard work and unwavering spirit shone through as she continued to strive for a better future for herself and her family.

But life had more challenges in store for Jacinta. While on a trip to another country, she encountered a significant hurdle – she was apprehended due to issues with her documentation. Her visa had expired, and she only had a copy of her passport with her. Consequently, she was deported back to Kenya, separated from the life she had begun to build in Egypt.

Undeterred by this setback, Jacinta drew strength from her indomitable spirit. She recalled her academic certificates, which she had set aside to focus on raising her children, and decided to embark on a new journey. She reapplied to return to Egypt, this time as a student, combining her studies with work.

Upon her return to Egypt, Jacinta resumed her work and studies simultaneously, demonstrating her ability to multitask and adapt to challenging circumstances. She diligently saved her earnings, and it was during this time that she ventured into entrepreneurship. Her first business, a boutique, marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

Jacinta’s journey of entrepreneurship did not stop at the boutique. She expanded her horizons, entering the world of courier services, all while continuing to excel in her studies. Her remarkable ability to manage multiple responsibilities highlighted her resilience and determination to secure a brighter future for herself and her family.

As her network grew in Egypt, Jacinta began to connect with fellow Kenyan expatriates, forming a supportive community. She went a step further by creating a fan page for Kenyans living in Egypt, uniting them in a foreign land. This sense of community would later become a pivotal factor in her journey towards success.

With her growing network came opportunities. Jacinta ventured into the foreign exchange (forex) industry, establishing her own forex company. Her business not only provided financial stability for herself but also offered a valuable service to Kenyans who needed to send money back home. Her success as an entrepreneur was steadily on the rise.

However, Jacinta’s ambition and dedication did not stop at personal success. She recognized the importance of community support and decided to formalize her commitment to Kenyan expatriates in Egypt. She founded the Kenyans in Egypt Association, an organization that she chairs.

The Kenyans in Egypt Association plays a crucial role in supporting the welfare of Kenyan expatriates in Egypt. The association extends its assistance by covering hospital bills for its members and providing a benevolent fund to support those in need. It also acts as a guiding light for Kenyans seeking educational opportunities or job prospects in Egypt.

Though Jacinta does not disclose her exact net worth, she proudly shared that her hard work and dedication have allowed her to pay for her daughter’s education at the United States International University and her son’s schooling as well.

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