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Inside Erick Maigo’s bedroom where he was stabbed to death – It looked like a slaughterhouse

by Paul Nyongesa
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In a chilling incident that has sent shockwaves throughout Nairobi, the life of Eric Maigo, the Finance Director of Nairobi Hospital, was tragically cut short in his own home.

The alleged perpetrator of this heinous crime, Ann Adhiambo, hailing from the sprawling Kibera slums, has been arrested amid shocking revelations about her troubled past.

The crime scene, as depicted in photos obtained by a local TV station, resembled a nightmare. Blood was splattered across Maigo’s bedroom, giving it the gruesome appearance of a slaughterhouse.

Investigative reporter Brian Obura from NTV revealed that the majority of the struggle occurred on the bedroom floor, painting a horrifying picture of the events that unfolded that fateful night.

Maigo, who was reportedly inebriated, faced a brutal attack, receiving 25 stab wounds before succumbing to his injuries.

Ann Adhiambo, his alleged attacker, has been described as a serial petty thief by her own mother. Contrary to earlier reports suggesting her underage status, her mother clarified that Ann is 21 years old.

Adhiambo’s mother revealed a disturbing pattern of theft and deceit in her daughter’s life.

Adhiambo had been caught stealing items ranging from a 20-liter jerrican of cooking oil to a bag full of clothes.

This criminal behavior had escalated to the point where her mother felt compelled to hand her over to a relative in Ruai and enroll her in school.

However, even there, Adhiambo’s misconduct persisted. She managed to pilfer Sh19,000 from the school’s staffroom, leaving a trail of dishonesty in her wake.

Despite receiving sponsorship to attend Olympic Primary School, Adhiambo dropped out at Standard Four.

Her mother, believing she was attending school regularly, was unaware of her daughter’s deceit.

Adhiambo’s routine involved feigning attendance, hiding her uniform in her bag and wandering the streets of Toi Market during school hours.

Adhiambo’s troubled life came to a head on the night of Maigo’s murder. Her mother recounted a quarrel that ensued, leading Adhiambo to sneak out, setting off a chain of events that ended in tragedy.

Although initial reports suggested Adhiambo’s age was between 15 to 17 years, her actual birth year is 2003. However, due to complications in obtaining official documents, her age had been misreported.

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