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“I can’t forgive her!” Aunt Scorns Her Niece For Getting Pregnant by Her Brother-in-law

by Samantha
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Vallyne Chevukwa, 21, sent a message seeking reconciliation with her aunt, Rael Nafula, 45, with whom she had a falling out last year due to a family dispute.

Speaking to Radio Jambo Patanisho Show, Vallyne explained that her relationship with her aunt deteriorated in June last year after she became pregnant by her aunt’s brother-in-law, who is the son of her aunt’s stepmother.

“I was living with my aunt in January last year when I met a man who was born in the second household of my aunt’s stepmother. He impregnated me in April, and I left to find work. My aunt came to my workplace and confronted me before leaving. I don’t have a mother, and she’s the one who can help me. I gave birth in November last year, and we are now living with the man. My aunt didn’t approve,” Vallyne said.

She added, “Now that it’s done, it’s done. The child has already been born. Everyone knows.”

When Bi Rael was contacted, she sounded very upset with her niece and made it clear that she didn’t want to speak with her.

“I don’t want to talk to her. I don’t want to, and I don’t want to, and I don’t want to. That child is very foolish. I can’t forgive her at all. I am married to the head of our household. I am the elder. She went to the younger brother’s house. I was told to kick her out of the house. Then they called me and I heard that she had left work and got pregnant. I can’t forgive her,” Bi Rael said.

Bi Rael instructed her niece to go home and talk to her father to resolve the matter.

“I don’t even want her to call me. We are married under the same household. She is a very foolish child. She doesn’t listen. She refused to go to school and left home to come here. Staying here, she started behaving the same way she did at home. I can’t forgive her here; I don’t even want to hear her voice. How can we bring in cows and then send them back?” Bi Rael complained before abruptly ending the call.

Overwhelmed by emotions, Vallyne said, “I wanted to know her stance. If she remains this harsh, what will happen now?”

She added, “I’m asking for forgiveness. I acknowledge you as my mother. I’ve been living with you. It’s already done. I’m asking for your forgiveness, and it will never happen again.”

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