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Drama as Woman Throws Her Baby into River, Gives Reasons Why

by Samantha
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In a harrowing incident on Badagry road in Lagos, a courageous Good Samaritan emerged as a hero by rescuing a baby who had been thrown into a river by his mother.

A video shared on @lindaikejiblogofficial captured the dramatic scene, as onlookers gathered to witness the rescue.

In the viral video, a man could be seen carrying the baby from a river after he was thrown by his mother.

The mother’s alleged mental illness was a tragic backdrop to this event, as she expressed a desire to end her own life.

When she was asked why she threw her baby into the river, the woman said she was tired of life.  She added that the baby has lived long enough having done his naming ceremony and was free to exit the world.

Fortunately, the baby was promptly taken to an undisclosed hospital for medical care, offering hope that the child will have a chance at a brighter future, away from such distressing circumstances.

Netizens share their thoughts on the baby’s mum’s action

chefnshopper said: “Not judging her, but this is a blessing a lot of women are praying for . God please grant every woman in waiting (especially the ones that just came across this video and is asking when) their heart desire, Amen.”

officialbolanlebabs said: “Can someone adopt the baby, please? This baby is destined to live, probably born into the wrong family. The mother looks mentally ill, so let’s not judge. She might be a victim of ra.pe or something else. Let’s just get medical checkup for the baby and put her in safe hands. God bless the man who rescued the baby❤️.”

rita_benard.at said: “If she’s that depressed, she for leave the pikin enter the river. “OMO my mama life worse pass laidis buh she nor throw me away, I dey here dey blame her for leaving me sometimes, while some are here throwing their own inside river .”

kingchegzy said: “Carry that woman and throw he back inside that river… Which one be post partum depression that am seeing on this comment. Why can’t she drop the baby in a safe place and kill herself?”

mamaariella said: “As someone who tried tirelessly for 10 years to have a child before I finally had my first child this just made me cry. God please hear the cries of women who are TTC, give them these babies instead of those who will throw them away, please God☹️.”

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