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Diana Marua Forces Bahati to Show How Much He Missed Her Upon Returning Home

by Samantha
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Artist and YouTube vlogger Diana Marua has shared a short clip demonstrating how she welcomes her husband, Bahati, home every evening after a busy day.

In the video, Diana is seen coming out of the house, asking for the whereabouts of her husband until she finds him sitting outside, looking tired.

Diana immediately rushes to him, sits on his lap, and showers him with passionate kisses. However, throughout this display of affection, Bahati seems unresponsive, insisting that he’s tired.

This lack of enthusiasm annoys Diana, who sternly instructs Bahati to show her how much he missed her since he left home and returned.

“Don’t make me have questions in my mind, have you missed me? Then show me that you’ve missed me. Show me. Don’t tell me you’re tired; I’m tired too. Stand up and show me that you’ve missed me,” Diana orders him while standing.

With no alternative but to comply, Bahati stands up and hugs his partner before they both enter the house.

Bahati and Diana have often displayed their affection openly, unafraid of what the world might say about their relationship.

Some observers have claimed that Diana appears to have a dominant role in their relationship, given how she directs Bahati to do things, while Bahati appears to comply, though at times reluctantly.

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