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Comedian Eric Omondi Reveals Plans To Go For Lang’ata Parliamentary Seat

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Renowned comedian and activist, Eric Omondi, is making waves in the Kenyan political landscape as he considers running for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

In a recent interview with a local radio station, Omondi attributed his potential foray into politics to the overwhelming public support and pressure he has received.

“People’s voices are the voice of God, and there is a possibility because two months ago, I was refusing it, but since the day I fought against the Finance Act of 2023,” Omondi stated passionately.

Omondi recounted his ardent struggle against the Finance Act, which resulted in his arrest on seven occasions and exposure to tear gas. Despite his efforts, the bill was passed, fueling his motivation to seek a seat in Parliament.

“I was arrested seven times, subjected to tear gas, but they went ahead and passed the bill, so we must be in Parliament to hold them accountable,” he emphasized.

While Omondi expressed his contemplation about vying for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat, he remained cautious, indicating that it is not yet confirmed.

“I have never spoken about Lang’ata because there are many constituencies in this country, but apparently, Lang’ata is key because of the people who convince me to go for it,” Omondi disclosed.

This isn’t the first time Omondi has hinted at a political venture. In July, he expressed the possibility of entering politics, though it wasn’t an immediate goal.

Omondi believes that being in Parliament would provide him with a more significant platform to advocate for the rights of Kenyan citizens, as it is where crucial laws are made.

His activism, marked by protests against the high cost of living, has repeatedly made headlines and showcases his dedication to creating change in Kenya.

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