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Cherargei Has a Point! Why Mutahi Ngunyi Supports Extension of Presidential Term Limit

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Political Analyst Mutahi Ngunyi Voices Support for Seven-Year Presidential Term Limit

Renowned political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi has come out in favor of extending the presidential term limit to seven years.

Ngunyi, using the X platform, shared his agreement with Senator Cheragei’s perspective that a two-year term is insufficient to fulfill campaign promises.

Ngunyi pointed out that if both former President Mwai Kibaki and his successor Uhuru Kenyatta had each enjoyed 14 years in office, Kenya might have witnessed significant transformations.

“Senator Cherargei is not without a point. Imagine if Uhuru or Kibaki were in office for 14 years each? And if Ruto is in office for 14 years till 2036? Change is the only constant thing in the world. Everything else changes. Ten years is too short to bring about changes. Or is It?” Ngunyi said on Wednesday.

Ngunyi highlighted the inevitability of change in the world and suggested that ten years might be too brief a period to bring about substantial change.

Senator Samson Cherargei had presented a proposal to the National Dialogue Committee, advocating for the extension of the presidential term limit to two seven-year terms.

“Increase the presidential term to seven years: Whereas the current Constitution provides for a two-term presidential term limit comprising ten years there is a need to increase the same to two terms of seven years each, ” Cherargei told the dialogue committee.

According to Cherargei, this change would promote stability and pragmatic development in the country.

He argued that a longer term would provide the President with ample time to assemble an effective team to deliver on their manifesto.

Furthermore, Cherargei emphasized that the current five-year presidential term contributes to high-stakes and intense elections, given the short time frame, turning them into a make-or-break endeavor.

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