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Boni Khalwale reveals startling details on why Kenyans will never know the real number of his children

by Paul Nyongesa
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Kenya’s Senator from Kakamega, Boni Khalwale, has recently shed light on an unconventional aspect of his life – his refusal to publicly disclose the exact number of his children.

In a candid interview with The Star newspaper, Khalwale explained the cultural and personal reasons behind his decision.

While Khalwale openly acknowledges and celebrates his children’s achievements, particularly their excellence in national exams, he has consistently avoided specifying just how many offspring he has.

His reasoning, he revealed, lies in a cultural tradition deeply rooted in the Abaluhya community, of which he is a proud member.

Khalwale shared that his family has a history of twins, tracing back to his grandmother’s lineage. This genetic predisposition for twins has resulted in a unique family dynamic for Khalwale, as he has children from different wives who are twins themselves. Notably, he mentioned that both his second and third wives have given birth to twins three times each.

Currently, Khalwale has two groups of twins studying at the university, totaling five children pursuing higher education.

However, he steadfastly refuses to divulge the complete count of his children, citing the cultural norms and traditions of the Abaluhya community. According to these traditions, counting one’s children is considered taboo, and Khalwale respects this belief.

He humorously quipped that in Luhya culture, counting one’s children should never cease until you faint, emphasizing the deep-seated nature of these customs.

Khalwale’s commitment to preserving his cultural heritage and traditions is evident in his adamant adherence to this practice, even in the face of modernity and changing times.

Despite his high-level education and career in politics, Khalwale remains deeply connected to his roots. He emphasized that his proficiency in English and his educational achievements have not distanced him from the traditions of his beloved community. I


Instead, he views himself as an ambassador for his culture, showing that one can balance modernity and tradition without sacrificing either.

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