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Bonface Agengo: Kenyan Entrepreneur Who Defied Odds to Build One of the Leading Logistic and Transport Companies in Kenya

by Paul Nyongesa
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In the sprawling urban landscapes of Nairobi, Kenya, where opportunities can be scarce and dreams seem distant, there emerged a remarkable individual whose story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Bonface Agengo, a young entrepreneur, defied the odds to transform his life and build a successful business empire that is making waves in Kenya’s logistics and transport sector.

Early Struggles and Determination

Born to a single mother, Bonface Agengo’s childhood was marked by financial hardship.

Despite his dreams of pursuing higher education, he was forced to drop out of university as his mother couldn’t afford the fees.

This setback could have crushed his aspirations, but Agengo had a spirit of determination that burned brighter than any adversity.

With no formal education to rely on and a burning desire to support his family, Agengo made the courageous decision to become the man of the house. This experience taught him resilience and resourcefulness from a young age.

In search of better opportunities, Bonface Agengo set his sights on Dubai. He started his journey in the dynamic world of the freight industry.

This move marked the beginning of his ascent from the gritty streets of Nairobi’s Kayole neighborhood to the glitzy city of Dubai.

A Fateful Encounter with Mohammed Dewji (Mo)

While working in the freight industry in Dubai, fate intervened in the form of a chance encounter with Mohammed Dewji, often referred to as Mo, an African billionaire with a remarkable success story of his own.

Little did Agengo know that this meeting would change the trajectory of his life forever.

Mo was not just supportive; he was motivational and took Bonface Agengo under his wing as his protege.

This unexpected mentorship led to an invitation to Tanzania, where Mo showcased the empire he had built.

The two weeks spent together tested Agengo’s endurance, but he passed with flying colors.

A strong bond developed between the two entrepreneurs, united by their passion for business and their shared goal of making Africa better.

Venturing into Logistics and Transport

When asked about his choice to venture into the logistics and transport business, Agengo revealed that it was not a deliberate decision on his part. Instead, logistics and transport chose him.

His initial foray into fast-moving consumer goods paved the way for his eventual entry into this challenging yet fulfilling sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed him further into the world of transport and logistics, a decision he would later describe as the best he ever made.

Return to Kenya: TAG is Born

With a firm belief in Africa’s potential and market opportunities, Boniface Agengo decided to return to Kenya. In 2019, he established TAG, a detergent production company.

The mentorship of Mo continued to guide him as TAG quickly gained prominence through innovative marketing strategies that set it apart from traditional brands.

Collaborations and Partnerships

In 2020, TAG received a significant boost when it partnered with Mastercard through tribus to Ajiri center, equipping them to transport various equipment across the country.

The company’s reach expanded, and it forged strong partnerships with leading multi-million-dollar companies in Kenya, including ENA Coach, Chandaria Industries, Maji Water, CTM, Centum, and others

Diversified Services: Beyond Logistics

In addition to its core logistics and transport operations, our conglomerate has diversified its services to meet the ever-expanding needs of  their clients such as supplying IT equipments.

Leveraging their Dubai background, they have forged international partnerships and networks that enable them to import a wide array of items to cater to the unique needs of individuals.

The firm also transport cereals to various institition in the country.

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