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Betty Bayo Deals with Troll Shaming Her for Getting Married With 2 Kids

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Kikuyu gospel artist Betty Bayo has delighted her fans on TikTok by sharing a video in response to a fan who teased her about being married with two children from a previous marriage.

Bayo, who tied the knot at the end of 2021, six years after breaking up with the controversial Pastor Victor Kanyari, who is the father of her two children, replied to the fan by saying that these days, people get married even with 10 children, and it’s an undeniable truth.

The fan used a soccer analogy, saying that in a soccer game, when all the teams enter the field before the whistle is blown, each team starts with zero goals.

However, for Bayo, her match had already begun with two goals.

“No match starts 2-0,” the fan sarcastically told her. “Situmwambie huyu ukweli, siku hizi hata 10-0 mechi huanza bado,” (I won’t tell them the truth; these days, even with a score of 10-0, the match still starts) Bayo responded while playfully using the song by Ringtone and Rose Muhando, “Sisi Ndio Tuko,” to mock them.

The artist went on to explain to the person who had teased her that the Bible states that there is no one in the world who will lack a spouse.

“Kina mama kwa watoto wawili ndio tunatesa siku hizi,” commented Olive Valentine.

“Yangu ilianza na 2-2 na ni miaka 10 sasa na tunaendelea,” said Shiku Muthoni.

“Ya mamangu ilianza 4-0 tangu mwaka 2004 na naweza nikabashiri kwamba nimekuwa na baba mzuri zaidi. Nampenda sana sasa hivi kwamba tushakua watu wazima,” Veronica also shared.

Bayo parted ways with Pastor Kanyari following an exposé done by Jicho Pevu about the significant issues in his church.

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