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Beatrice Njoki: I Made Millions in the US but Returned to Kenya Without a Single Shilling

by Paul Nyongesa
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A decade ago, Beatrice Njoki Mangure, a Kenyan businesswoman, left her homeland in pursuit of a better life in the United States. Little did she know that her return to Kenya would be marked by the loss of everything she had once held dear.

Beatrice Njoki shared her harrowing journey, revealing that her decision to leave Kenya was prompted by the collapse of her six-year marriage. Her husband, whom she had met in church and married for six years, chose to end their union and marry their house help. It was a devastating blow that left Njoki shattered.

The pain and trauma of her failed marriage drove Njoki to seek solace abroad.

Life in the United States was far from easy, but Njoki was determined to provide for her children back in Kenya. She worked tirelessly, despite facing numerous challenges, and even had to seek treatment for depression.

Several months after relocating to the US, Njoki ventured into the catering business in Georgia City, specializing in Kenyan cuisine.

Her business flourished, allowing her to acquire two cars. However, fate had other plans. A workplace injury left Njoki with a serious back injury, which eventually led to her business’s downfall.

Njoki recalled the incident, saying, “One day, I fell down, and I had my back injured. I didn’t take it seriously because after going to the hospital, I hadn’t any part of my bones broken.”

Six months after the accident, Njoki realized she could no longer stand, and this setback forced her to shut down her business and return to Kenya. Unfortunately, her misfortunes didn’t end there. During her journey back to Kenya, she lost all her belongings, including items worth millions of shillings.

“When I relocated back here to Kenya, I carried all my stuff and even bought new stuff. I had put them in a container, but I lost it all. It never arrived in Kenya. I came back with only two suitcases that I carried at the airport,” Njoki lamented.

Upon her return, she discovered that her businesses in Kenya had also collapsed due to fraudulent handlers, leaving her with no financial support. She now relies on a taxi business to make ends meet, using a leased car.

Whatsapp link for her contribution: https://chat.whatsapp.com/HHqVxkrdNefA

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