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Andrew Kibe Finally Reacts After YouTube Channel with Over 474K Subscribers Is Terminated

by Paul Nyongesa
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Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe has faced a setback as his popular YouTube channel, boasting over 474,000 subscribers and around 3.1k videos, was abruptly terminated by the platform.

The reason cited for the channel’s closure was a violation of YouTube’s terms of service.

Kibe, known for his provocative content and fearless commentary, responded to the termination on social media, appearing to downplay it as a minor hiccup in his creative journey. O

n X (formerly Twitter), he remarked, “Train ili toka stenje kitambo, hizi ni kelele za chura,” indicating that he would continue creating content on other platforms despite this setback.

This development did not come as a surprise to Kibe’s dedicated fanbase, as he had previously mentioned his intention to move his content to another platform once he was done with YouTube.

Andrew Kibe has never shied away from controversy. His content often includes scathing critiques of Kenyan celebrities and controversial takes on current events. However, his unwavering consistency has helped him build one of the fastest-growing digital brands online.

Based in the United States, Kibe has clashed with numerous Kenyan celebrities, including Bahati and Diana, former Governor Mike Sonko, Akothee, Kamene Goro, and even fellow content creators.

Despite the setback on YouTube, Kibe remains committed to engaging with his followers on other social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Rumble, and X.

In a previous video, Kibe had stated that he couldn’t see himself returning to mainstream radio.

He cited a desire to keep his content unfiltered and free from interference as his primary reason for staying in the digital space. Mainstream radio often requires presenters to be cautious about their content due to regulatory standards and corporate interests, something Kibe is keen to avoid.

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