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“Alinipiga na kusema atanikata shingo!” Shocking as Malindi wife dumps husband after threatening to kill her

by Paul Nyongesa
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Cosmus Hinzano, a 31-year-old from Malindi, recently sent a heartfelt message during the famous Radio Jambo Patanisho show seeking reconciliation with his wife, Celestine Mahenzo, aged 26, who had left him not long ago.

Cosmus revealed that his wife had left their ten-year marriage after a heated argument in their home, which led to her fleeing their shared accommodation.

He further explained that his wife’s behavior had become increasingly unpredictable. Whenever they argued, she would confide in others rather than discussing their issues with him directly.

“On the day we had our last argument, she had moved out of our bedroom. That week was particularly challenging, as she moved from our bed to the children’s room. I didn’t want the children to get the wrong idea. I called her to ask what the problem was, but she refused to tell me and instead confided in others,” Cosmus shared.

Cosmus admitted that he hadn’t yet taken the step to follow his wife, as he had already gone to her home multiple times and felt exhausted by it.

“I am tired. I need to catch my breath before I go again. I just can’t seem to understand her,” he expressed.

When contacted, Celestine made it clear that she had already left Cosmus, the father of her four children, and requested that he not follow her.

She also asked for a two-year break before making any decision about returning to the marriage.

“He hasn’t arrived home yet. I am at home. He should not come to me. Each of us should go about our activities. He said I lack manners. He should find another respectful wife to marry and live peacefully,” Celestine stated.

She added, “Let him raise the children on his own. Find a respectful wife and let me go about my activities. Maybe give me two years to decide if I will return or not.”

Cosmus attempted to persuade his wife to communicate any underlying issues and reminded her of their infant child left behind.

“We have a child who needs her mother right now. What could have possibly happened for you to say you don’t want me anymore?” he inquired.

Celestine disclosed that before her departure, Cosmus had physically assaulted her and made severe threats.

“He hit me repeatedly, claiming he was ‘teaching me a lesson.’ He even threatened to cut my throat. I wondered if someone threatening to cut my throat would really let me live,” she revealed.

Cosmus defended himself, saying, “I was extremely angry. I tried to talk to her for almost four hours, asking her to tell me what the problem was, but she refused. I took her out of the children’s room and she went outside. She started breaking things, and in my anger, I hit her.”

When asked to reconsider, Celestine remained resolute, expressing her need for a two-year hiatus before deciding her next steps.

Cosmus said, “There’s no problem. If she has decided on two years, I can’t wait for two years. If she finishes the two years at her parents’ home and they say it’s time to come back, then it will be okay. I love her so much. I took her from her home. If anyone is bothering her, they should bother her completely.”

Celestine, on her part, stated that she had no words for Cosmus.

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