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Akothee Finally Reacts After the Mysterious Disappearance of Her Husband Omosh

by Paul Nyongesa
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New-generation artist and entrepreneur Akothee, who, after her grand wedding, once again goes by the name Bi Schweizer, has left her fans intrigued by asking about her husband Omosh.

In an Instagram post where Akothee was sharing her thoughts on how different people relate to their financial status, her fans took the opportunity to inquire about her husband’s whereabouts, even though she occasionally posts about her love life.

“Please, where is Omoshi? We missed both of you. We have been seeing you alone in Switzerland. Please, we would be happy to see you together since Mr. Omoshi is a common face for us. We’ve known you for a long time, Madam Akothee,” a fan inquired.

“Why should I expose my love life for you? Don’t you have something to watch? We broke up a long time ago,” Akothee responded to the curious fan.

In the same post, Akothee, who previously revealed that she cannot marry for wealth, stated that financially independent women are sincere when it comes to love compared to those who lack financial means.

“Don’t give a woman the impression that you have money when you don’t love them. Don’t try to deceive donkeys that have nothing. 不不不不不 I love managing people’s expectations before they get disappointed 不不 A woman with her own money will love you for you. A wife will decide to love you based on hunger and her bills 不不不不不不不不不不不不. Be yourself so you don’t lose both 不不.”

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