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90 Students in Critical Condition After Consuming Cannabis-Laced Cake

by Paul Nyongesa
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The South African Police Authority has initiated an investigation into a distressing incident that has resulted in nearly 100 students being hospitalized due to food poisoning.

According to local sources, approximately 90 schoolchildren from a school in the northern part of the capital city of Pretoria were taken to hospitals after consuming cakes suspected to have been laced with cannabis, a type of drug.

Students from Pulamadibogo Primary School were rushed to local hospitals on Wednesday after experiencing nausea, stomachaches, and vomiting, as reported by the Gauteng Department of Education.

They believed they had purchased these cakes from a street vendor while on their way to school.

“Indeed, this concerns us, and we ask for patience as the investigation continues and the students continue to recover,” said Matome Chiloane, a Member of the Gauteng Department of Education.

“We urge students to be cautious about what they buy and consume.”

Police were called to the school during the incident, and a suspect was identified.

South Africa’s highest court legalized the use of marijuana by adults in private spaces in 2018. It also legalized the cultivation of marijuana for personal use.

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