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Wetangula Gets Personal: Inside His Emotionally Charged Message at Son’s Wedding

by Paul Nyongesa
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National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetang’ula exudes pride as he rejoices in the joyous union of his son Alvin, who recently tied the knot with his bride Naisula Leteipan.

The celebratory event, which took place on a Saturday, was marked by touching moments and heartfelt words from the esteemed speaker.

Overflowing with happiness, Wetang’ula offered heartfelt advice and congratulations to the newlywed couple. In a moving speech, he expressed the profound significance of their journey ahead.

“Today, you are not just gaining a life partner, but a lifelong companion who will share in your dreams, challenges, and triumphs,” he articulated.

Reflecting on the journey of parenthood, Wetang’ula fondly recalled the day his son Alvin entered the world and marveled at the man he has evolved into. He commended his son’s wisdom and character, evident in his choice of Naisula Leteipan as his life partner.

“Always remember, love is not just about the beautiful moments; it’s about standing together during the storms and finding strength in each other’s presence,” Wetang’ula imparted sagely.

He emphasized the importance of nurturing the bond they share, highlighting its significance as the bedrock of their future.

Wetang’ula extended warm wishes to the couple for a life brimming with laughter, personal growth, and intertwined hearts. He emphasized the role of mutual support in their journey together and reassured them of his unwavering parental guidance whenever needed.

“May your marriage be as strong as the values we’ve instilled in you and as enduring as the memories we’ve shared together,” Wetang’ula concluded, encapsulating his blessings for a prosperous and enduring union.

The wedding, attended by guests who joined in the celebration, marked not only the union of two souls but also showcased the love and unity of a family rejoicing in the beautiful milestone.

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