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‘Tunaumia’ Kenyan Referee Chased Out of His House in Nairobi After Going for Months Without Pay

by Paul Nyongesa
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The state of Kenyan football took a dismal turn when a Nairobi-based FKF Premier League referee and his family were left homeless after their landlord evicted them due to rent arrears.

Speaking to Pulse.Co.Ke, The referee, who prefers to remain anonymous out of fear of victimization, shed light on the dire situation of many referees in the country who are struggling to make ends meet.

His call for Football Kenya Federation (FKF) to settle their six-month arrears has brought to the forefront the sorry state of Kenyan football and the hardships endured by those officiating the matches.

The unnamed referee lamented his predicament, stating that his children couldn’t even attend school due to the financial crisis.

“I have been kicked out of my house and my kids did not even go to school today. I don’t know what to do. I know if FKF pay my dues that go back six months I would be able to sort some of the pressing needs and give my family relief,” the referee told Twiga

He pleaded with FKF to pay their long-overdue dues, which could provide some relief for his family’s pressing needs.

One of the major concerns raised by the referees is the delayed payments for the Mozzartbet Cup, a sponsored League Cup, where the betting company has already settled all payments.

‘The referees wonder why FKF has not disbursed their dues for the cup games they officiated.

“Maybe the federation is in a fix and cannot settle match fee from the premier league but why don’t they pay for other games we handled for Mozzartbet Cup? It is really frustrating but I cannot confront them in the open. I still need to officiate in the future.

The plight of these referees paints a grim picture of the financial mismanagement within Kenyan football. With months of unpaid dues, they find themselves struggling to meet their basic needs and provide for their families.

The referees’ fears of being frozen out from future fixtures due to speaking out against the federation’s practices reflect a worrying culture of intimidation and silence.


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