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The Untold Story Behind Ng’iya Girl, The School that Cancelled Akothee’s Philanthropic Invitation

by Paul Nyongesa
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Singer Esther Akoth, famously known as Akothee, recently unveiled her plans to extend her philanthropic efforts to Ng’iya Girls School. However, despite her intentions, the school’s religious organization reportedly objected to her involvement, resulting in a missed opportunity for underprivileged students who could have benefited from her support. Here are some key aspects to know about Ng’iya Girls School:

1. A National School: Ng’iya Girls School is located in Ng’iya Township, Siaya County, in Western Kenya. This institution holds the prestigious status of a national school, a recognition granted by the government to the country’s top-rated educational establishments. With consistent outstanding performances in the Kenya National Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), the school has established itself as an academic leader in the region.

2. Notable Alumni: The school boasts an impressive list of alumni who have achieved prominence in various fields. Among them is Grace Ogot, an accomplished author, nurse, journalist, politician, and diplomat. Additionally, the institution has nurtured talents like Mary Abukutsa-Onyango, a humanitarian and agricultural scientist, and Grace Onyango, a renowned politician.

3. Emphasis on Church Values: Ng’iya Girls School is committed to upholding religious values. This became evident when the school cancelled Akothee’s planned charity event and talent show due to disagreements with the local Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) diocese. The cancellation highlighted the school’s dedication to maintaining its alignment with established church principles.

4. Holistic Development: Beyond its academic excellence, Ng’iya Girls School prioritizes the holistic development of its students. The institution provides a nurturing environment that encourages students to explore their talents and engage in co-curricular activities. The canceled talent show, which aimed to showcase students’ abilities, exemplifies the school’s commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals.

5. Upholding Core Values: In response to the Akothee incident, Ng’iya Girls School affirmed its unwavering commitment to delivering quality education while preserving its core values. This incident has sparked a broader conversation about the delicate balance between external engagements and the preservation of cherished traditions. Ng’iya Girls School has become a focal point for discussions surrounding education, values, and the impact of community engagement.

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