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The Two Men Behind the Success of Fathi Petroleum: One of the Leading Petroleum Firms in East Africa

by Paul Nyongesa
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Since its entrance into the East Africa market, Fathi Petroleum has swiftly risen to prominence as a premier petroleum firm.

Through strategic initiatives and unwavering dedication, the company has successfully carved a distinctive niche, extending its influence beyond borders to firmly establish a significant presence within the East African region.

The Making of Fathi Petroleum

Fathi Petroleum was founded in 2008 by two Individuals – Solian Botan Ahmed and Abdi Boyan Ahmed who is the current Chairman.

The duo started the company with a vision of fulfilling customers’ petroleum needs in the most credible, efficient and profitable manner.

Fathi started off at Kampala in Uganda.

Later, The company decided to retreat and moved to neighbouring  Somalia and South Sudan where they launched the company and built their retail network.

The company also extended network into Kenya where it has become the leading exporter of petroleum into the country.

Fathi Petroleum began growing slowly and Up to date it has  spread its wings in every corner of the country.

You’re most likely to find Fathi petrol stations or products in every parts of Somalia, Uganda and South Sudan.

Fathi Petroleum Business Categories

Fathi petroleum operates in three petroleum business lines which include;


Fathi petroleum provides petroleum products that meet global standards and ensures that the services meet and exceed customer expectations in distribution, storage, development and retailing. The types of fuels available at Fathi Petroleum stations include; Premium Motor Spirit (Super), Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) and Illuminating Kerosene (IK).


Fathi Petroleum offers the best quality lubricant solutions for their clients in different ranges including; automotive lubricants, Industrial lubricants, Greases and Specialty lubricants.

Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Fathi Petroleum provides quality, reliable and safe LPG products such as gas cylinders that is available in all Fathi Petrol stations and specific retail stores in Uganda.


Fathi Petroleum has also  generated employment opportunities by hiring workers for its diverse stations, contributing to job growth and economic development.

Fathi Petroleum’s operational framework is built upon a fundamental set of corporate values that serve as the compass for its choices, deeds, and engagements.

Central to these values is an unwavering emphasis on safety. The company places the highest significance on preserving lives and the environment, understanding the critical nature of this responsibility.

This devotion to safety harmonizes with an unwavering commitment to integrity, molding the way the company engages with customers, collaborators, and the wider community.

In an era where trust is a prized asset, Fathi Petroleum’s resolute dedication to integrity distinguishes it as a dependable and esteemed entity within the industry.

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