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Stunning Details Emerge on Why Man in Kirinyaga Was Buried in Less Than Ten Minutes

by Paul Nyongesa
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Residents of Mwangathia village in Ndia, Kirinyaga West, were witness to an extraordinary occurrence as a 60-year-old man, Stanley Mugo, was buried in under 10 minutes, adhering to his specific last wishes. Mugo’s family carried out his unconventional request to forego any church or traditional ceremonies, and his body was interred directly at the graveside without customary burial rites.

James Ngaire, a family member, revealed that Mugo had left explicit instructions detailing his burial preferences, aiming to eliminate any ceremonial procedures.

“He was resolute about the manner in which he wanted his burial to take place, and as his family, we have diligently honored his wishes to avoid potential curses resulting from noncompliance,” Ngaire stated.

Mugo’s directive also extended to prohibiting the preparation of food during his burial. Fearing repercussions, mourners promptly left the homestead after the swift interment.

Ngaire emphasized that Mugo’s burial was conducted without speeches or any formalities, aligning with his wishes. A notable absence was the lack of a cross on Mugo’s grave, symbolizing that no church-related ceremony had transpired—a reflection of the extent to which his family was dedicated to fulfilling his wishes.

John Nyamu, the clan chairman, recounted an incident in which a clergyman attempted to offer prayers at the morgue but was promptly rebuffed by family members.

Nyamu, part of the clerical team that conducts morgue prayers for bereaved families, noted that any deviation from Mugo’s instructions could potentially bring unwanted curses upon the family.

Apostle Peterson Bekeri weighed in on the unique situation, explaining that while his beliefs did not align with Mugo’s, they chose to uphold his wishes as a means of breaking any potential curses.

“We understand that his beliefs are deeply personal, so by fulfilling his wishes, we aim to sever that connection and eliminate any potential curses that could affect the family,” Bekeri asserted.

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