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Shocking: Wild Animals Disturb the Dead at Lang’ata Cemetery

by Paul Nyongesa
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Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwour, also known as Jalang’o, has raised an alarming issue in the National Assembly on the troubling situation at Lang’ata cemetery.

Despite being declared full nearly two decades ago, bodies are still being buried there, creating multiple challenges for both the deceased and the living.

One of the most distressing aspects highlighted in Odiwour’s motion is the presence of wild animals from the nearby Nairobi National Park, which are roaming freely around the cemetery grounds.

These animals are reportedly unearthing shallow graves, leading to distress and discomfort for bereaved families and the local community.

The situation has reached a critical point, with some of the graves being shallow and posing health risks to the public. The lawmaker emphasizes the need for an urgent assessment of the risks associated with continuing to use the cemetery for burials.

The overcrowding and double allocation of burial sites have resulted in bodies being interred in insufficiently deep graves, making them susceptible to being disturbed by wildlife from the nearby park.

Beyond the immediate consequences for grieving families, this disturbing scenario has broader implications for the community’s psychological well-being.

The constant fear of animals disturbing their loved ones’ resting places inflicts untold anguish and suffering on bereaved families and those living nearby.

In response to the concerns raised by MP Odiwour, relevant authorities are being urged to take immediate action. Besides finding alternative land for burial, mitigatory measures must be put in place to address the existing challenges at Lang’ata cemetery.

This will not only ensure a more dignified resting place for the deceased but also provide a safer and more secure environment for those who come to pay their respects.

In January, the Nairobi City County environment unit commenced cleanup efforts at the public cemetery. They focused on clearing overgrown bushes, weeding, picking litter, mowing, and leveling uneven patches.

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