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Shocking Decision as Man Leaves Wife Due to Circumcision Differences

by Samantha
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Samwel Mwita, 28, from Migori, asked for  Reconciliation with His Wife Juliet Wangare, 24, Whom He Separated from Last Year.

Mwita stated that his wife left their 10-year marriage and returned home in August last year due to societal conflicts.

“There was a time I was working in Kajiado. Then we went home. We stayed at home, but it seemed she wasn’t pleased with that life. She started causing trouble. We quarreled, and I even hit her, so she left in August,” Mwita said.

He continued, “There was a time we fought, and she went back to her home and told me to follow her there. I went, and we sat down with her parents. They told me to find my parents so we could meet with them. Right now, she doesn’t want to talk to me, I don’t know what the problem is. We used to communicate before, but now we don’t.”

Mwita also opened up about some family disputes that contributed to his wife leaving.

“At times, her aunts would call her and tell her that they want me to marry another woman. In our community, women go through circumcision. Her aunts were provoking her, telling her that they don’t want her to stay with me because she hasn’t been circumcised. We had conflicts with many people at home due to these issues,” he said.

He also had to explain about their age difference when they got married, stating that when they met, Wangare had lied about her real age.

When asked why he didn’t go to his wife’s home and his in-laws’ home in June as he had been instructed, he said, “I didn’t have a job. I wanted to explain to her when I got a job. There was a time when I was unemployed.”

Unfortunately, Mwita couldn’t reconcile with his wife as she was unreachable when he tried to call her.

When given the chance to talk to her on air, he pleaded with her to communicate the root of the problem so they could find a solution.”

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