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Shock as Woman Who Died and Was Buried in 2018 Returns Alive in the Same Clothes She Was Buried In

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Thousands of people flocked to the Mlele district in the Katavi region of Tanzania after news spread that a woman who had died in 2018 and was buried had been seen alive at a water-fetching spot, wearing the same clothes she had been buried in.

You might find it unbelievable, but this is an event that was directly witnessed by Ayo TV, and they reported that the woman, Mwashi Lutema, 33 years old, had passed away in April 2018 and was buried.

“Five years later, she was seen alive at the water-fetching spot, wearing the clothes she was buried in. This happened in the Katavi region,” reported Ayo TV.

Jonas Lutema, a family member who had witnessed the woman’s burial, narrated the events.

“Our sister fell ill in 2018 with a fever that affected her whole body, from her chest to her legs, and eventually it seemed like it was possession by spirits. We decided to seek traditional tribal remedies, and later her condition worsened, leading to her death. We followed all the customary funeral procedures and eventually moved on.”

“For a span of five years, just this month on the 14th, she reappeared at a water-fetching spot, where her younger sibling saw her and recognized her as the same person. They started spreading the news via phone calls, and eventually she was brought to the office. As her family, we received the information and went to see for ourselves, and indeed, it was her. Everyone who came also confirmed it was her,” the family member said.

Afterward, the police took her into custody and handed her over to her brother. People have been gathering in large numbers, as if it were a tourist attraction, to witness this extraordinary event.

The family member mentioned that the reason they opted for traditional remedies was because they had discovered that she was possessed by spirits. They believed that spirits and hospitals are two different things.

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