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Shock as Nandi Woman Dumps Husband After He Posted Her on Facebook

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nehemiah Kiplimo, 25, from Nandi Hills, sent a message seeking reconciliation with his former fiancée Sharon Chepkosgey during Radio Janbo’s patanisho show, whom he fell out with about three years ago following a minor disagreement.

Kiplimo explained that their two-year relationship came to an end after his partner became upset when he posted her photo on Facebook without her permission.

“I posted her photo on Facebook, but she didn’t want that. She wanted me to ask her first,” Kiplimo recounted.

He continued, “I had already decided she would be my wife. She got angry and asked me why I posted without asking her. I told her I loved her and asked why she wanted me to ask before posting. We had an argument, and she told me to take some time to think, just as she would.”

Kiplimo noted that despite the disagreement, he still communicates with Sharon via phone, but he has been pleading with her to give him some time.

“The last time we talked was in May this year. We spoke, but she wanted me to give her phone credit so she could call me. She wanted me to call her, but when I do, she doesn’t answer. I want to know what decision she has made. I am not okay at all,” he said.

He openly admitted that he hasn’t found another woman who can replace Sharon in his heart because he holds strong feelings for her.

When Sharon was contacted, Kiplimo took the opportunity to confess his mistakes and apologize.

“Sharon, I made a mistake posting you on Facebook. Let’s get back together and continue our lives,” Kiplimo told Sharon.

Sharon said, “We will talk to him… He didn’t tell me when he posted. There is hope that we can reconcile. I haven’t found another man.”

Kiplimo expressed that he is eagerly waiting for a chance to reunite with his former fiancée.

“Sharon, I still love you. I care about you deeply. I want to be with you. I love you like honey,” Kiplimo said.

However, Sharon hung up the phone before giving her final response.

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