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Shock as man fails to stand Up after lady said NO during proposal

by Paul Nyongesa
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A heartfelt proposal is often a moment of joy and anticipation, but for one student at an institution of higher learning, his public gesture took an unexpected turn that left many heartbroken, including himself.

The poignant scene was captured on video and shared on TikTok by DJ Sandyno, portraying a young man’s proposal to his girlfriend, only to be met with a response that surprised those present.

In the video, the young man gets down on one knee, offering a ring as a symbol of his desire to spend his life with his girlfriend.

The proposal takes place amidst a gathering of fellow students, who enthusiastically encourage the young lady to accept his offer.

However, as he extends the ring, the girl appears hesitant, nudging him to stand up. He remains steadfast, maintaining his position and gaze on her, while the crowd continues to urge her to accept. Despite the anticipation and pressure, the video concludes without her accepting the ring.

The video has ignited discussions online, with various reactions from social media users. Some suggested that the proposal might have been rushed for their age, while others questioned the collective pressure to say yes. The public nature of the proposal led to speculations about the young lady’s true feelings and intentions.

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