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Shock as man dumps wife after getting new jobs, send her disgusting messages

by Samantha
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In a tale of heartbreak and betrayal, a woman from Tharaka Nithi County finds herself in a distressing situation after her husband of three years abruptly left her upon landing a new job.

Faith Kaini, the aggrieved woman, had stood by her husband’s side throughout their marriage, providing unwavering support during his period of unemployment. However, as soon as he secured a job, he shocking confessed that he had been using her and did not love her.

The marriage, which came to a bitter end in 2022 due to hurtful words and a painful confession, has left Faith determined to move on.

However, a significant obstacle stands in her way – a piece of land. During their time together, Faith took out a loan to purchase this land, which she intended to secure their shared future.

Despite financing the land purchase entirely on her own, she made the unfortunate decision to include her husband’s name on the Title Deed.

Now, Faith is facing an uphill battle to regain sole ownership of the land. She reveals that her ex-husband is refusing to relinquish his rights to the property, unless their child’s name is included on the Title Deed.

This demand has left Faith in a quandary, as she is determined to regain full control over the land she worked so hard to acquire.

In a series of hurtful WhatsApp messages shared by Faith, her ex-husband callously admitted to not loving her and revealed his motives for being in the relationship.

“I did not spend on you because I did not love you. I was only holding on until I found a job to leave you,” his message read.

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