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Shock as Busia Child Dies Immediately After Husband Said, ‘Wacha Alilie Hapo Akufe Tutaenda Kuzika!'”

by Samantha
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Sharon Adhiambo, 25, from Busia, sent a message seeking reconciliation with her husband Elikana Koech during a Patanisho show hosted by Gidi Ogidi Ghost Mulee, with whom she had a falling out in February this year following the death of their young child.

Sharon stated that their three-month marriage began to deteriorate last year after burying their three-month-old child.

“It was this year that we had our falling out. We buried our three-month-old child last year in August, after that things were not the same. I decided to go stay with my siblings in Eldoret. After settling down, I was called for work in Mombasa,” Sharon recounted.

She mentioned that the job she had gone to do in Mombasa is now over, and she wishes to return to her marriage.

She revealed that after their child passed away, Mr. Koech became violent at home, which led her to run away.

“When we lost the child, he became violent. He said I had used things that prevented us from having a child. We tried to have another child but it didn’t work out. His brother insulted me the other day. He sent me abusive messages on Facebook, saying I can’t conceive. I feel he’s the one influencing me not to go back there. I didn’t do anything wrong. I left our eldest child with his elder brother and there was no issue. I call him every Sunday, we talk and he talks to the child,” she said.

She added, “The other day, I told him I was sick and in the hospital to test his faith. I told him they found me unconscious, just lied to him. He told me not to worry, that I’ll recover.”

Sharon also revealed strange incidents before their child’s death that she believes might have contributed to the child’s passing.

“Before the child died, there were things he said that I’ve never told anyone. I asked him to hold the baby while I cleaned up, he told me to let the baby cry there and die, we would go bury him. It was a Thursday, on Friday I took the child to the clinic, he just kept crying. I was told to take him to the children’s hospital, that the child needed to be examined for pneumonia. I was admitted with the child, he wasn’t okay. My husband didn’t come to check on us in the hospital, I stayed in the hospital with the child alone, then on Saturday, the child passed away,” Sharon narrated.

Sharon emphasized that despite everything, she would like to return to her marriage because she has nowhere else to go.

She claimed that it’s possible that Koech’s elder brother might be instigating her husband not to take her back home.

“He received money this year, a loan. I suspect they love him because he received money. Once he’s out of money, they just discard him. They don’t have parents, it’s just him, his elder brother, and a younger sibling who’s in school. They’re involved in drug use,” Sharon said.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Koech was contacted by phone to facilitate reconciliation with his wife, he couldn’t be reached as his phone was turned off.

When Sharon was given the opportunity to speak with him on air, she said, “If he can hear me, he’s the one who wronged me and I forgave him. I also ask for his forgiveness, I would like to go back home. I love him and our child very much.”

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