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Shock as Bungoma pastor kills wife, texts his brother where he dumped her body

by Paul Nyongesa
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A shocking incident in Bungoma County has left the community in disbelief as a local pastor is accused of killing his wife before attempting to take his own life.

The suspect, identified as Gerald Kamanga Gichohi, was a pastor at Victory Centre in Bungoma town.

The horrifying chain of events unfolded when Gerald allegedly killed his wife, Margaret Wanjiku Kamanga, and then callously dumped her lifeless body in a ditch.

What followed was equally disturbing, as the suspect sent a text message to his younger brother, confessing to his heinous crime and revealing his plans to end his own life.

Bungoma County Police Commander Francis Kooli disclosed that they received a report from the suspect’s brother, who had received the chilling text message.

The message not only detailed Gerald’s transgressions but also contained instructions regarding his son and the aftermath of his wife’s murder.

Following the shocking text message, the suspect traveled to Nyandurua County, where he allegedly made an attempt to end his life. Fortunately, he was saved from carrying out this tragic act and subsequently apprehended by the police.

The authorities are now investigating this distressing case, and the suspect is being closely monitored while awaiting trial on murder charges. The community is grappling with the gravity of the situation, trying to make sense of how a person in a position of trust and authority could commit such a horrendous act.

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