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Revealed: Why Alex Mwakideu made a stunning U-turn on quitting Radio Milele

by Samantha
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In a surprising turn of events, popular morning show host Alex Mwakideu has announced that he will not be leaving Milele FM as previously indicated.

The radio presenter, who had initially announced his departure from the station, took to social media to share the unexpected update with his fans.

In a statement posted on Monday, Mwakideu expressed his gratitude to his loyal supporters for standing by him during what he referred to as a “small” misunderstanding.

He excitedly exclaimed, “Yooh, bado niko Milele FM. Kumbe munanipenda hivi… aaawwweeee…” which translates to “Yooh, I am still at Milele FM. You supporters love me this much.”

His joyful tone conveyed the relief he felt after resolving the issue that had prompted his initial decision to leave.

Although Mwakideu did not delve into the specifics of the disagreement that led to his brief departure, he made it clear that the matter had been amicably sorted out.

He acknowledged the flood of phone calls and text messages he received from concerned fans and assured them that he was now “good to go.”

Mwakideu’s about-face came shortly after he had announced his departure from Milele FM, where he had been a fixture for five years.

At that time, he had mentioned that he was ready for a new chapter in his career. However, it seems that the strong outpouring of support from his listeners and perhaps some behind-the-scenes negotiations prompted him to reconsider his decision.

Interestingly, Mwakideu’s situation mirrored that of another Milele FM presenter, David Oyando, also known as Mulamwah, who had recently parted ways with the station over contract disagreements.

This trend of media personalities leaving their posts has been observed across various mainstream media houses. The industry has faced challenges due to a shrinking advertising budget and the increasing dominance of digital content platforms.

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