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Revealed: Surprising Details Emerge on Why Akothee’s Invitation to Ng’iya Girls Was Cancelled

by Paul Nyongesa
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The Kenyan Twitter community has been buzzing with discussions and debates after the controversial singer, Esther Akothee, was reportedly forced to cancel her appearance as the keynote speaker at a talent show in Ng’iya girls high school, Siaya County.

The decision was made following concerns raised by alumni and members of the public over her suitability as a role model for the students.

Known as the “President of Single Mothers,” Esther Akothee is a well-known figure in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

However, her past statements and actions have drawn criticism from various individuals who question her ability to provide appropriate guidance and inspiration to young students.

Supporters of the school’s decision argue that not every famous individual should be allowed to address impressionable students.

“We canceled the event in response to protests from various stakeholders, including parents and alumni,” a confidential source revealed to Kenyan Report.

They emphasize the importance of inviting role models who can offer meaningful insights and positive messages to help shape the students’ future.

Many believe that schools should prioritize individuals who have a track record of inspiring and empowering the youth.

On social media, Twitter user Manoti commended the school’s move, stating that celebrity status should not be the sole criterion for addressing students, echoing the sentiment that genuine role models should be chosen instead.

Meanwhile, another user, Adory (@OngoroDoreen), opined that Akothee had previously disclaimed herself as a role model, further supporting the argument that she may not be the most suitable choice for the event.

Contrarily, there are also voices expressing disappointment in the cancellation. Ken O Ombogo (@KOmbogo) expressed that there are numerous excellent men and women from various age groups who are talented in every aspect of life and could have been chosen to speak at the event.

This group felt that the decision undermined the role of parents and guardians, implying that the school was dismissing the significance of responsible guidance from adults.

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