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President Ruto Takes Stand Against Corruption, Bans Woman From Ever Working for Govt

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During the signing of the cabinet’s performance contracts, President William Ruto made a strong and decisive move against corruption within the government.

He directed the Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen, to take immediate action and ensure that a specific woman, who was described as corrupt to the core, be removed from her office and permanently banned from holding any future public office.

According to Ruto, this particular official had managed to evade dismissal despite engaging in corrupt practices.

Even after being fired from her position at one of the road agencies, she had repeatedly found her way back into the office.

“She could not be transferred by anybody even by the minister. If she was transferred she would go to court. That is where corruption has taken us,” he stated.

Ruto expressed his frustration at the extent of her influence, stating that she could not be transferred or held accountable even by her superiors.

This highlighted the pervasive nature of corruption within the system, where corrupt officials could manipulate the processes to their advantage.

“We cannot have such. There are people who have made the government of Kenya their private property. Those things must be in the past,” Ruto warned.

“It is going to be different and I can tell you that. It is not going to be business and usual.”

The President’s stern warning extended beyond this particular case, emphasizing that swift action would be taken against any government employees reported to be involved in corrupt activities.

Corruption has been a longstanding problem in Kenya, with numerous cases involving high-ranking officials misusing taxpayers’ money for personal gain.

Ruto’s commitment to fighting corruption signals a determination to hold public servants accountable and restore public trust in the government.

In addition to his stance against corruption, Ruto directed all Cabinet Secretaries to align their programs with the administration’s objectives, which includes the digitization of government services.

“I do not expect any other pay bill except what we agreed. We agreed that all other pay bills will be shut down If any will operate after today, I will not say what will happen,” he stated.

He stressed the need for transparency and accountability in public expenditure, signaling a push for greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering services to the citizens.

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