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Multi-million properties Owned by Billionaire Dynasty That Bought Yaya Centre from Biwott Family

by Paul Nyongesa
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For over a century, the Kantaria family has been synonymous with entrepreneurial success and philanthropy in Kenya. With a history dating back to 1896, the family’s journey from India to Kenya marked the beginning of a remarkable legacy in the region.

Today, their ventures span various industries, leaving a profound impact on the nation’s economy and social development.

The roots of the Kantaria family’s success lie in the courage and determination of their grandfather, who braved a challenging sea voyage to settle in Limuru, Kenya. Armed with a vision to uplift his family from poverty, he began with a small shop that eventually evolved into a thriving sawmill and charcoal-selling business.

Inspired by his grandfather’s entrepreneurial spirit, Rasik Kantaria, a prominent figure in the family, followed in his footsteps and entered the service industry.

Rasik Kantaria founded Prime Capital and Credit Finance Company, which later grew into a successful commercial bank. This marked the beginning of the family’s prominence in the financial sector.

Over the years, they expanded their banking operations to other African countries, including Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, and Mozambique, further solidifying their presence in the region.

In addition to their success in finance, the Kantaria family has made significant strides in various other industries. They established an aluminum factory in Mombasa. The family’s ventures also extend to the chemical and fertilizer industry, as well as the horticulture sector.

Notably, the family has diversified their portfolio in the hospitality sector, owning the exclusive Leisure Lodge in the coastal region, offering world-class accommodation and amenities.

The family’s involvement in real estate has been further bolstered by their recent acquisition of the iconic Yaya Centre in Nairobi.

With its strategic location and high occupancy rate, this investment promises to strengthen their influence in the region and create more employment opportunities.

Beyond their business endeavors, the Kantaria family has a deep commitment to giving back to society. Rasik Kantaria, known for his compassionate philanthropy, has led the family’s efforts in transforming lives through various initiatives.

One notable project is the Jaipur Foot Project, which has provided over 30,000 handicapped individuals with rubber-based prosthetic legs, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.

Education is another sector that holds special importance for the Kantaria family. They have established schools for the needy, ensuring access to quality education for underprivileged children.

Additionally, the family has donated generously to hospitals across the country, supporting healthcare services for the less fortunate.

Through their numerous multimillion-dollar companies, the Kantaria family has created direct employment opportunities for approximately 3,000 Kenyans, making a substantial contribution to the local economy.

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