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Mulamwah Discloses Astonishing Figures Behind Mansion Construction Costs

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Digital content creator and entrepreneur David Oyando, known by his popular pseudonym Mulamwah, has given his followers a glimpse into the significant investment he’s made in the construction of his lavish mansion.

Mulamwah, who boasts over 677K followers on Instagram, engaged in a Q&A session where he unveiled details about the mansion’s progress and cost.

During the interactive session, one inquisitive fan posed the direct question, “How much have you spent on your house so far?” In response, the comedian disclosed that he has already poured nearly Sh. 10 million (Kenyan Shillings) into the project.

With an excited tone, Mulamwah mentioned that they were on the cusp of completing the construction, projecting a figure of around Sh. 8.5 million as the current expenditure.

In his signature playful manner, he humbly dubbed his two-story mansion as something “simple,” playfully adding that it’s fitting for a Luhya individual.

Interestingly, when a fan quizzed him about the number of cars he owns, Mulamwah humorously replied that he doesn’t possess any vehicles. He revealed himself to be a “public transport kind of guy,” punctuating his response with a laughing emoji.

The topic of whether to prioritize buying a car or a house arose, and Mulamwah offered his perspective. He emphasized that the choice hinges on an individual’s financial capacity and preferences.

Comparing the question to the debate over football legends Messi and Ronaldo, he highlighted that money is a versatile tool and everyone has different priorities.

He encouraged people to spend their money in a way that aligns with their desires, emphasizing that it’s more important to utilize funds wisely, regardless of whether one chooses to invest in a car or a house.

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