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Mother of man who set himself ablaze finally Mombasa speaks

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In a disgusting revelation, the life of the late Robert Gituhu, a 28-year-old with immense potential, has unveiled a tragic tale of unfulfilled aspirations.

Gituhu, affectionately known as Kirobotoo, was not just a name; he was a bright scholar who secured an A- in his 2012 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, representing a testament to his intellectual prowess and promise.

The circumstances surrounding Gituhu’s passing are nothing short of heartrending. On the 17th of August, 2023, within the bustling Central Business District (CBD) of Mombasa County, Gituhu set himself ablaze in a poignant protest against the spiraling cost of living.

His act of desperation drew a crowd of concerned onlookers, but the tragic incident concluded with his passing later that fateful day at the Coast General Teaching and Referral Hospital.

A poignant question arises: How did a promising young scholar end up in such a dire situation? Gituhu’s mother, Ms. Rose Mineh, recounted her bewilderment at the events that led her son to Mombasa County.

His abrupt departure from home on August 12, 2023, left behind unanswered phone calls and a mother’s anxious hopes for his safe return.

As the days wore on, the family’s worry escalated, prompting them to initiate a social media campaign to locate their missing son.

Despite his academic brilliance, he faced the harsh reality of limited job prospects.

He had excelled as a student at Kijabe High School, earning the positions of prefect, deputy captain, and school captain. Even in his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, he garnered an impressive 400 marks.

A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering from the University of Eldoret showcased Gituhu’s dedication and perseverance

. Described as reserved, responsible, obedient, and hardworking by his mother, his commitment to his studies and his character was undeniable.

The tragedy lies in the dreams unattained. Gituhu nurtured political ambitions, envisioning a path that involved garnering experience before delving into politics.

His mother recounted conversations where he’d express his aspirations of becoming a Member of Parliament or a Governor. The dream was tangible, given his history as a student leader.

A Facebook post on August 14, 2023, portrayed Gituhu’s admiration for a politician’s appearance, hinting at his own aspirations in leadership.

Sadly, the paths he envisaged remained unrealized, and the desperate act that marked the end of his life bore witness to the frustration he felt.

In a nation grappling with rising youth unemployment, Gituhu’s mother directed a plea to the government. She emphasized the importance of early student scouting and connections with potential employers during tertiary education. Her call aimed at preventing the loss of brilliant minds to unemployment, as Gituhu’s story painfully underscores.

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