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Mercy Tarus breaks silence after the arrest of Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago

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In a surprising turn of events, Uasin Gishu Senator Jackson Mandago has been arrested in connection to the notorious overseas education debacle that left hundreds of parents and students in turmoil.

The Director of Public Prosecutions made the call for Mandago’s arrest, and this move has been met with satisfaction by Mercy Tarus, a vocal advocate for justice in the failed education saga.

On the day of the arrest, Mercy Tarus expressed her sentiments regarding the breaking news, conveying a sense of hope that justice might finally prevail.

“Let justice be our shield and protector,” she boldly stated on a news network. Her fervent prayers for justice to be served echoed across social media platforms, rallying support from those who had long awaited accountability.

Senator Mandago’s arrest comes as a result of his failure to appear before a Nakuru court to address the charges against him.

He is one of several Uasin Gishu County officials implicated in the mismanagement of the overseas education program, a controversy that ignited widespread protests and public outcry.

Mercy Tarus rose to prominence in recent weeks when a video surfaced of her passionately confronting Uasin Gishu leaders during a public meeting.

In the video, she fearlessly called out the leaders for their apparent hypocrisy, highlighting the stark contrast between the privileged educational opportunities their own children enjoyed and the suffering experienced by the less fortunate students whose dreams were shattered by the failed program.

Tarus, a university graduate, articulated the frustration of countless parents and students who had invested their hopes and resources in the overseas education initiative.

Her demand for accountability struck a chord with many Kenyans who applauded her courage and honesty in standing up to powerful figures.

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