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Meet Nairobi Man Making up to Sh10,000 Daily for Showing People Directions

by Paul Nyongesa
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In Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, many young people come every day with dreams of finding good jobs and building bright futures.

However, there aren’t enough jobs for everyone. This has led people like Michael Mureithi, also known as Jopinto, to get creative and find new ways to make money.

Jopinto noticed that lots of people in the city needed help finding their way around. He saw an opportunity to start a business providing directions to those who were lost or didn’t know where to go.

He decided to charge a small fee for his services.

When he spoke in an interview, Jopinto explained that he started this business because there weren’t many job options, and times were tough. “I have to do this job because it’s how I earn money,” he said.

Jopinto’s business idea is simple but effective. He stands on the streets with a sign that says he can give directions for Sh100. If someone agrees to the price, he not only tells them where to go but also takes them there for Sh150. On a good day, he helps more than 100 people, which can earn him Sh10,000 or even more. In a month, working every day, this adds up to at least Sh300,000.

This amount is more than what many people earn in regular jobs, whether in the government or in private companies. Jopinto’s way of earning money might be different, but it’s proving to be successful.

Some people might worry about safety when getting help on the streets. But Jopinto and his team make sure to be professional and trustworthy. The police and local business owners know them, and they have a good reputation. They are focused on their job and don’t engage in any dishonest activities.

Jopinto mentioned that they help people find all kinds of places – from the National Archives to specific matatu pick-up spots. They take their job seriously and understand the importance of being reliable.

Jopinto’s story is just one example of how people in Kenya are finding creative ways to make a living. The tough economic situation has pushed many to think outside the box. Besides Jopinto’s direction-giving business, young Kenyans have also become social media influencers.

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