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Meet Kiss FM Presenter who eats soil

by Samantha
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The hosts of Kiss FM’s “The Morning Kiss,” Chito Ndhlovu and Kwambox, recently sparked intrigue and amusement among listeners as they candidly discussed unusual habits and future expectations, showcasing their distinct personalities beyond the airwaves.

The duo’s engaging conversation took a surprising turn when they reacted to a story about an American woman who revealed her reliance on tissue paper as sustenance.

Chito, known for his vibrant and offbeat anecdotes, shared his own unconventional eating habits.

“There’s a soil for ants, the red ants make some nice soil at the back of a tree. So you grab a plate and it falls in the plate. Just eat it as it is. Let me tell you, when it touches your tongue, haha.” Adding a touch of humor, he extolled the deliciousness of pregnancy stones, locally referred to as “Udongo.” He confessed

“Stones za pregnancy, hizo zinakuwa tamu,” he playfully quipped, revealing a culinary preference that might raise eyebrows.

Their on-air chemistry and willingness to discuss topics ranging from the peculiar to the everyday make Chito and Kwambox a dynamic pair. This chemistry extends beyond their show, evident in their genuine interactions and shared perspectives.

In a previous conversation, Kwambox revealed four expectations for her future burial, demonstrating a blend of practicality and whimsy.

She expressed, “There must be a DJ at my funeral, I do not expect people to dance to TikTok videos. There are people who I feel if they weren’t there, I would be upset. I do not expect more than 200 people.” Her unconventional request for a “disco matanga” for three weeks further highlighted her unique approach to life.


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