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Man kills wife after catching her having open-air sex with lover at drinking joint

by Paul Nyongesa
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Police are currently on a manhunt for a 46-year-old individual accused of fatally assaulting his wife .

The incident occurred in Kapenguria, West Pokot County, where the man allegedly discovered his wife engaging in sexual activity with her lover at an open drinking establishment.

The occurrence, which transpired at a chang’aa joint situated in Koropwon Village, has left local residents deeply shocked and unsettled.

The suspect, identified as Jacob Yego Cheptantan, had visited the drinking den that evening to consume chang’aa, a traditional alcoholic beverage. He found his wife, Gladys Lojao, reportedly intoxicated and in the company of another man. According to sources, both Lojao and her partner were inebriated at the time.

Reports indicate that the alleged adulterous couple had borrowed a mattress from the owner of the drinking establishment and retreated to a location behind the main building, where they engaged in intimate activity.

Cheptantan’s wife, reported to be in her 40s, and her lover vanished from the view of other patrons as they went behind the building.

After observing his wife and her lover heading to the back of the premises, Cheptantan followed them and discovered the two individuals engaged in illicit intercourse.

Witnesses state that at this point, the suspect confronted his wife and began physically assaulting her. Utilizing a heavy plank, he reportedly struck his wife on the head and various parts of her body.

Kapenguria OCPD Julius Kyumbule revealed that the couple had been embroiled in long-standing marital disputes.

“The suspect has since gone into hiding, and we have launched a spirited hunt for him,” OCPD Kyumbule added.

Gladys Lojao was found dead early on the morning of Thursday, March 12. The owner of the drinking establishment, referred to as Nelly, has been arrested in connection with the incident. However, her sister, Faizah Chepkemoi, contests her sister’s arrest, asserting that Nelly was asleep during the occurrence and uninvolved in Gladys’s death.

Jacob Yego Cheptantan and his late wife, Gladys Lojao, had seven children together.

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