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Little-Known Details of Ohangla Maestro Prince Indah’s Wife

by Paul Nyongesa
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Prince Indah, the renowned Ohangala hit maker, recently opened up about his successful marriage and the reasons behind its thriving state.

Despite his fame and popularity, Indah has always kept his family life private, believing that protecting their privacy is essential for a harmonious relationship.

During an interview with Oga Obinna, Prince Indah spoke candidly about his marriage and how he met his wife.

While he was somewhat shy about sharing the details of their first encounter, he did reveal that they met while he was still a struggling musician, not yet enjoying the fame he has today.

“We met while I was singing but at the time I was not very famous.”

According to the Ohangla Maestro, One of the key factors contributing to the strength of their marriage is his wife’s personality.

She is not a party person and prefers to stay away from the clubbing scene.

According to Indah, this has been a significant advantage for their relationship.

By avoiding the party scene, there are fewer chances for potential misunderstandings or uncomfortable situations to arise. Indah humorously recounted how he would feel conflicted if he saw someone attempting to flirt with his wife during one of his performances.

As Prince Indah’s musical career blossomed over the last four years, he has collaborated with some of Kenya’s biggest artists, achieving remarkable success and gaining a substantial fan base.

However, he also faced some unique challenges. In 2019, during one of his shows, a fan shocked him by removing her clothes and attempting to dance with him on stage.

Quick thinking on his part led him to ask his security personnel to cover her up and escort her backstage. The fan explained that she merely wanted to have fun, but the situation was a testament to the intense enthusiasm and passion his music inspires.

Throughout his journey to stardom, Prince Indah remains grounded and appreciative of his supportive and understanding wife.

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