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Little-Known Details of Kenyan Top Socialite Dr. Cassypool, Who Claims to Be the Next President After Ruto

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In an enlightening conversation with Mpasho a deeper understanding of the multi-faceted persona of Cassypool emerged.

Known for his self-proclaimed title of “Dr,” Cassypool revealed that this honorary title was an aspirational moniker, stemming from childhood dreams of becoming a doctor.

“Nilikua na ndoto ya kua daktari kwa hivyo nikajipa hilo jina, lakini pia kuna vile nimesomea udaktari lakini huezi jua, izi ni mambo za ndani,” he confessed, shedding light on the origins of his distinctive title.

Behind the enigmatic title lies Kevin Onyango Odhiambo, his true identity. However, he prefers not to be addressed by his given name, suggesting that it feels too antiquated for his vibrant personality.

While Cassypool is a familiar face on online shows, television, and debates, he revealed that much of his work occurs behind the scenes. “Mimi ni mwanabiashara,” he disclosed.

His journey began in car hire at Norwich House CBD, progressing to properties and eventually venturing into the realm of entertainment.

Within the entertainment sphere, Cassypool’s talents extend beyond acting. He has ventured into music, songwriting, and even video direction.

His involvement in online skits and shows as an actor and producer is his way of nurturing and inspiring young and upcoming talents.

“Mimi ni mwanamuziki, mwandishi wa muziki na hata kudirect videos ni kazi pia ninayoifanya both kwa muziki na acting,” he shared, highlighting his diverse array of creative pursuits.

While his commitment to entertainment remains unwavering, Cassypool manages to juggle his other business endeavors, including brokering and government tender supply.

Adhering to a balanced lifestyle, he doesn’t indulge in extravagance or frugality, expressing gratitude for the blessings he receives.

Despite his manifold responsibilities, Cassypool maintains his relevance on social media platforms, actively engaging with his audience. In a surprising declaration, he envisions a future beyond entertainment and business – one where he leads the nation.

Cassypool confidently proclaimed his intention to become the President of Kenya after William Ruto.

“After President William Ruto, the next President of Kenya is Kevin Odhiambo Onyango,” he asserted during the interview, revealing his aspiration for the highest office in the country.

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