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Leaders attack controversial ‘Twa Twa Twa’ preacher over her sexual remarks

by Paul Nyongesa
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Renowned pastor Sue Munene catapulted into the limelight not long ago, sparking fervent discussions after advocating for couples to embrace intimacy anywhere within their homes.

Her now-famous euphemism, “twa twa twa,” ignited both interest and controversy, particularly due to its source in a society where religious leaders typically tread cautiously around matters of sexuality.

Pastor Sue, hailing from Overcomers Hope Ministry, recently revisited the topic, advising men to appreciate their partners’ breasts.

“Most men come to me complaining that their wives’ smelly privates are affecting their sex life. Women must avoid nylon panties and heavy underwear down there. This is the only solution to reduce infections and awful smell,” the preacher once advised.

This pronouncement, akin to her “twa twa twa” call, triggered a similar wave of reactions and debates, raising questions about the appropriateness and normalcy of such discussions within the church context.

Pastor Sue’s unconventional messages are venturing into uncharted territory, as open discussions about sex remain somewhat rare in religious settings.

The preacher’s fearless approach has garnered attention from various quarters, but also led to concerns, as traditional expectations of church discourse do not typically include explicit conversations about bedroom matters.

The trend of openly discussing sex in church has prompted concern among some preachers and experts. Critics argue that such discussions could inadvertently influence impressionable teenagers and contribute to “dirty” talk infiltrating their lives.

However, proponents of these discussions believe that the changing times call for a more candid approach, especially as societal preferences lean toward more open conversations.

Another male preacher, whose identity remains undisclosed, has also become a figure of public interest. He offers advice to women on pleasing their partners, delving into sensitive topics related to personal hygiene and practices that could affect intimacy.

These discussions have generated both support and skepticism, illustrating the polarized reactions that emerge when sex enters the church narrative.

Church and religious leaders are divided on the issue. While some assert that such discussions are best reserved for private conferences and certain age groups, others contend that the evolving nature of society warrants more open dialogue about sexual matters.

The prevalence of social media has also complicated matters, as teachings and discussions once confined to select audiences can now easily reach a broader spectrum, including younger individuals.

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