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Kiambu man finds ex-wife working at a mjengo site, kills her before running away

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Kiambu County – Law enforcement authorities in Kiambu county have launched an intensive search for a man suspected of brutally murdering his ex-wife after he forcefully entered her workplace.

The individual from Kiambu is alleged to have carried out this heinous act in a cold-blooded manner.

Identified as HK, the suspect reportedly assaulted his former spouse, Phylis Ngina Gachohi, while she was engaged in her duties on the ground floor of a construction site.

As per a report from Nairobi News, the armed man forcibly abducted the victim and transported her to a nearby coffee farm, where he inflicted fatal stab wounds upon her abdomen and neck.

In an unsettling detail, prior to committing this gruesome act, the assailant deliberately removed a makeshift ladder that provided access to the upper floors of the building.

This act seemed calculated to prevent other construction workers from intervening in the dispute that had apparently ensued between him and the victim.

Tragically, the woman’s colleagues rushed to the coffee farm only minutes later, discovering her lifeless body sprawled on the ground. By that time, the suspect had managed to escape from the scene. The colleagues promptly contacted the police to report the horrendous crime. Upon their arrival, law enforcement officials attended to the scene, recovering the victim’s remains.

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