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Kenyan TikToker Nyako Pilot: I Earned Up to 40k per Session Working on the Streets as a Prostitute

by Paul Nyongesa
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TitToker Pilot Nyako, known for her TikTok presence, recently opened up about her past life that led her to the streets and her remarkable journey towards redemption. In a candid revelation, Nyako shared her initial naivety that pushed her into a world she barely understood.

“I wasn’t introduced to the streets by anyone. It was a white guy I was with who dropped me off at Mad House in Hurligham. I was clueless about the place,” Nyako recalled.

Her innocence at the time made her an easy target for exploitation, engaging in activities she was unfamiliar with, initially charging meager amounts like 1000 or 1500 Kenyan shillings.

Reflecting on her past, Nyako shared how her lack of negotiation skills led to her settling for far less than her worth.

“The highest amount I was offered by a white guy was 40K, but I didn’t know how to negotiate back then,” she lamented.

Yet, her journey wasn’t without challenges. “Once a ‘client’ stole my G-string,” Nyako recalled, highlighting the dangers and vulnerabilities that came with her former profession. She even recounted a haunting incident where excessive alcohol consumption led to a blackout.

However, Nyako’s story takes a hopeful turn as she transformed her life completely. Today, she stands as a beacon of resilience, having evolved into a married woman with children.

Her escape from the streets came through determination and hard work, using the money she had saved to enroll in a German school. The doors of education opened a new path for her, leading her to apply for an exchange course in Germany.

Upon arriving in Germany, Nyako experienced both privilege and boredom within a wealthy family. Although she later left that environment, her journey of growth and transformation continues.

Reflecting on her past choices, Nyako expressed regret but also acknowledged her growth and determination to make amends.

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