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Kenyan Men Last Minutes in Bed, Nigerians Last Hours – Shakilla Criticizes Kenyan Men

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Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tifanny has openly revealed her preference for dating men from Nigeria over men from Kenya.

In an interview with Mpasho on Thursday evening, the 23-year-old beauty hinted that she has several reasons for not liking Kenyan men.

Among the reasons she gave, she claimed that Kenyan men are not generous with their money, they are not good-looking, and they don’t last long in bed.

“Kenyan men are stingy, they look alike, they’re not handsome,” said Shakilla.

She added, “I really emphasize the word ‘stingy’. Kenyan men can never give you money, they’d rather pay you than give you money. And they don’t last in bed, they don’t last, it’s minutes! I’m talking hours compared to Nigeria.”

The 23-year-old socialite also claimed that many Kenyan men are in marriages and she has to hide the one she’s dating, while she wants to be seen with her man and show him off.

“A Kenyan man won’t pay for your flight. They will have to ask you a million questions before agreeing to that,” she said.

Shakilla didn’t hesitate to admit that she’s a ‘gold-digger’ and confirmed that she likes asking men for money.

“I’ll ask for money all the time, I’m broke. I really don’t have any money when you see me like this. Yes, I’m a gold digger,” she said.

The 23-year-old socialite hinted that she values herself at over 2 million Kenyan Shillings.

When asked how many men she has slept with, she noted that she’s not entirely sure as it’s not easy for her to keep count.

“I think I’m below 100, below 150.” She said.

Furthermore, she mentioned that she has already slept with many men this year.

“I haven’t slept with anyone since February,” she added.

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