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Karen Nyamu responds after being mocked over allegations of pursuing Samidoh’s intimate part

by Paul Nyongesa
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On Tuesday night, Senator Karen Nyamu congratulated Kenyan athlete Faith Kipyegon for winning the 1500 meters race at the ongoing World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

In a post on her Facebook page, Nyamu praised the world record holder in the event for securing Kenya’s first gold in the competition.

“G.O.A.T! Kenya’s first gold at the Budapest Championships,” Nyamu wrote beneath a picture of the athlete holding the Kenyan flag.

As has become customary, some social media users utilized the comment section of the politician’s post to taunt her about her relationships.

A Facebook user mocked her, referring to allegations of her pursuing Samidoh’s intimate part instead of chasing gold like Kipyegon.

“People are searching for gold, and there you are pursuing Samidoh’s intimate part. Look at your life,” Givens Musine commented.

In response, the mother of three hinted that she already possesses gold and the only thing she’s left searching for is a man’s intimate part.

“I have my gold; it’s the man’s intimate part that I haven’t found,” she retorted.

For a while now, the nominated senator has been the subject of much ridicule, with the central issue being her relationship with Mugithi star Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh. Some have accused her of breaking Samidoh’s long-standing marriage and separating him from his wife, Bi Edday Nderitu.

In an interview last month, Senator Nyamu denied claims of breaking Samidoh’s marriage and ‘stealing’ the Mugithi singer from his longtime wife, Edday Nderitu.

“I’ve never stolen anyone’s husband, especially not him. We have children together, and he loves his children. If you want to argue and differ with him, try to separate him from his children, all of them,” she said.

Nyamu indicated that her co-parent has managed to take care of both of his homes, hers and Edday Nderitu’s, for many years.

Additionally, she hinted that despite all the drama in her relationship life, she is a very faithful woman and only fights for Samidoh because he’s the father of her children.

Amidst all the relationship drama, the embroiled politician pointed out that she doesn’t cause chaos due to love but rather to ensure her children feel recognized.

“My children are growing up in that environment; there’s no way I will allow my children to feel inferior to others, that my children can’t be acknowledged by their father while others can be acknowledged even though they know their father and have a relationship. I want to make the environment for my children as conducive as possible to have parents who love them, until a time when it will no longer be possible. If that time comes, and I will have tried all I can, I won’t regret it,” she said.

Nyamu emphasized that she never engages in fights with Samidoh’s wife, Edday Nderitu, or retaliates even when provoked.

“Whatever you hear me say about her is something good,” she stated.

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