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Jubilee’s Pauline Njoroge Flees the Country After Run-In with DCI Investigators

by Paul Nyongesa
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Jubilee Party digital strategist, Ms. Pauline Njoroge, has made headlines after departing for Europe shortly after a dramatic arrest involving investigators from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

While the exact date of her departure remains unclear, Ms. Njoroge announced on her official Facebook account that she was already en route to Europe.

Just a week ago, Ms. Njoroge, who has become a vocal government critic, found herself in a troubling situation when DCI investigators apprehended her in Malindi.

The authorities detained her for two days, raising eyebrows and concerns among her followers and supporters.

In a lengthy social media post, Ms. Njoroge narrated the events leading to her arrest, which involved her friend, Ms. Jane Nduta, and their driver, Emanze Jilani.

She alleged that police officers attempted to frame them by planting drugs in their hotel room and car, intending to charge them with possession of illegal substances.

The plot thickened when Ms. Njoroge received an unexpected phone call, urging her to pick up some documents urgently in Malindi.

What troubled her most was that she had not informed anyone about her presence in the coastal town. Adding to the suspicion, her friend, Ms. Nduta, received a similar phone call just an hour before the officers apprehended both of them.

The arrest occurred while they were en route to the famous Gede Ruins, located within Kilifi County. As they left the hotel, they noticed a double cabin vehicle parked outside, with occupants exhibiting a demeanor reminiscent of police officers.

Despite their initial concerns, their driver, Emmanuel, dismissed the idea, suggesting they were probably just neighbors. However, shortly after, the same vehicle blocked their path on the road and instructed them to follow them to Watamu Police Station.

In the midst of this troubling situation, Ms. Nduta immediately contacted their lawyers, who swiftly rushed to the coastal region to provide assistance.

Ms. Njoroge’s departure to Europe following such a contentious arrest has raised questions and speculation about her reasons for leaving the country. As a prominent digital strategist and government critic, her absence is likely to draw attention and spark debates among her followers and within the political sphere.

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