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Jalang’o Shows Off His Multi-Million Mansion Recently Built in Homa Bay County

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In an impressive display of success, Lang’ata legislator Jalang’o has completed the construction of a stunning two-storey mansion, less than a year after entering parliament.

The new residence marks the third property owned by the former entertainer, with the other two situated in Lang’ata and Homa Bay counties.

Known for his charisma and media presence, Jalang’o granted his followers a glimpse into his upcountry abode, showcasing an array of captivating features.

The home boasts a vast sitting area adorned with stylish chandeliers, exuding luxury and comfort.

The kitchen features sleek all-black cabinets, countertops, and tiling, embodying modern elegance.

Continuing the tour, Jalang’o showcased the spacious bedrooms, including the guest room and strategically positioned washrooms.

The master bedroom, thoughtfully located adjacent to the living room, offers a private retreat. Its en-suite bathroom maintains the all-black theme, punctuated by a sleek showerhead.

A hidden gem in the house, Jalang’o revealed a concealed prayer room nestled between the kitchen and his bedroom. This spiritual sanctuary serves as a serene space for reflection.

Recently, Jalang’o took to social media to proudly share the completion of his latest addition: a magnificent two-storey mansion situated on the outskirts of Nairobi.

The exterior flaunts square concrete slabs atop lush artificial grass, lending the property an air of sophistication. The man behind the outdoor design was acknowledged by Jalang’o, who highlighted the practicality of parking multiple cars on the artificial grass.

Encircled by a white wall, the mansion features a sleek black gate, offering access to the modern haven. The architectural design is marked by a striking black and white color scheme, with a flat rooftop that affords expansive views of the surrounding area.

A sweeping balcony on the second floor captures the essence of open living, while a staircase leads to the rooftop.

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