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Inside Story of How ‘Mathe Wa Ngara’ Was Tracked Down and Arrested

by Paul Nyongesa
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Nancy Indoveria Kigunzu, also known as “Mathe Wa Ngara,” was apprehended in the heart of Nairobi’s CBD on charges of drug trafficking and possession.

The arrest transpired shortly after Kigunzu had moved to court to thwart her impending arrest.

Kigunzu, a prominent figure in local drug-related circles, had gained notoriety as “Mathe Wa Ngara” due to her alleged involvement in drug deals.

In court, she claimed that investigative agencies were orchestrating a baseless arrest to unjustly charge her. This assertion, however, did not deter detectives who had been surveilling her activities for some time.

The arrest was the result of a concerted effort by law enforcement officers who had been monitoring Kigunzu’s movements. Following her arrest, she was transported to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headquarters for interrogation.

The scheduled hearing for her case was set for the following day.

Kigunzu’s history of evading law enforcement came to an end after she was apprehended. It was revealed that she had been in hiding since a previous raid on her suspected location in Ngara.

The site, colloquially known as ‘Kwa Mathe’ or ‘Kwa Mathe wa Ngara,’ had been a well-known hub for narcotics and psychotropic substances.

The arrest shed light on the challenges faced by authorities in combating drug-related activities. Kigunzu’s influence over the area, as well as her ability to evade previous arrest attempts, showcased the complexity of such operations.

Despite her alleged criminal involvement, some individuals within the community regarded Kigunzu as compassionate and understanding, further complicating the public perception of her actions.

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