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Inside Scoop: Meet the Stunning Woman Who Stole Stephen Letoo’s Heart

by Samantha
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In the world of media and fame, where public figures often dominate headlines, the intricacies of personal lives can sometimes shine through the spotlight.

One such story involves the prominent Kenyan political reporter, Stephen Letoo, and his former partner, Winnie Nadupoi.

Stephen Letoo, a senior political reporter at Citizen TV Kenya, is a name familiar to many. Born on June 27th, 1991, Letoo’s journalistic prowess has made him a prominent figure in the Kenyan media landscape.

As of 2023, he stands at the age of 32, with a career marked by his dedication to reporting on political matters.

In the midst of his career and public persona, Letoo’s personal life became the focus of attention when he and Winnie Nadupoi entered the spotlight as a couple.

Their relationship was one that captured the curiosity of many, with Nadupoi’s beauty and charm earning her the title of Letoo’s “baby mama.” The two tied the knot some years back and embarked on a journey together.

However, as life’s journey often takes unexpected turns, the couple found themselves parting ways in early 2021. Reports surfaced, shedding light on the cause of their separation.

Allegedly, the Citizen TV political reporter harbored a desire for a polygamous marriage, a sentiment that clashed with Nadupoi’s values and beliefs. This divergence in viewpoints on marriage reportedly played a significant role in their decision to part ways.

While their romantic relationship had come to an end, a beautiful reminder of their time together remained – their son, Leyian Santino Letoo. Born in July 2019, Leyian became a symbol of the bond that once united Letoo and Nadupoi.

Despite their differences, the former couple embraced the journey of co-parenting to raise their son in a harmonious environment.

This year, as Leyian turned four, the love and devotion of Stephen Letoo and Winnie Nadupoi as parents shone brightly.

On social media platforms, the ex-lovers exhibited their parental pride, celebrating Leyian’s special day with heartfelt messages and endearing photos.

Stephen Letoo took to his Instagram account, sharing an adorable photo of Leyian. His accompanying message radiated warmth and affection, encapsulating the love that exists between a father and his child.

Similarly, Winnie Nadupoi expressed her maternal affection on her own Instagram account. Accompanied by a photograph of her beloved son, Nadupoi poured her heart out in a touching message, enveloping Leyian with adoration and praise.

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