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Inside Musalia Mudavadi’s Daughter’s Glorious Wedding with Kikuyu Tycoon Nyaga Karanja in Vihiga County

by Paul Nyongesa
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Maryanne Mudavadi, the daughter of prominent Kenyan politician Musalia Mudavadi, celebrated her traditional wedding with Nyaga Karanja on a delightful Saturday, the 19th of August.

The enchanting traditional ceremony, known as “ruracio,” unfolded against the scenic backdrop of Mudavadi’s Mululu residence, where family and friends gathered to witness the special occasion.

Draped in the rich tapestry of African tradition, the wedding exuded an air of vibrancy and warmth, with attendees elegantly adorned in traditional attire that added to the allure of the event.

Nyaga Karanja, a lawyer by profession, embraced a dapper look that exquisitely blended modern style with cultural significance.

Nyaga’s attire featured a sleek black ensemble accentuated by touches of green, complementing the bride’s outfit and creating a harmonious visual synergy.

The groom’s team, comprising his brothers and friends, donned coordinated sea green African-style shirts and pants, presenting a united and visually striking ensemble.

Maryanne, who stands as a professional in her own right, serves as a recruiter at a prominent Kenyan bank. With an impressive background as a trained Human Resource Manager, her emerald-green floral attire radiated elegance. Paired with carefully selected jewelry, her ensemble showcased her refined taste and sophisticated charm.

The ruracio ceremony celebrated not only the union of two individuals but also the convergence of diverse cultures.

As Nyaga, hailing from the Mount Kenya region, united with Maryanne, representing the Mulembe nation, the occasion embodied Kenya’s spirit of unity in diversity.

Guests were treated to the embodiment of cultural heritage, as the groom’s party sported green pants paired with coordinating shirts, symbolizing the convergence of traditions and shared values.

The wedding was graced by the presence of close family members, friends, and notable figures. Among the groom’s attendants was Davidson Wakair, the son of Jubilee Vice Chairman David Murathe, contributing to the celebratory atmosphere.

A highlight of the event was when Musalia Mudavadi, the Prime Cabinet Secretary, took to the dance floor, infusing the celebration with the infectious rhythms of a popular Luhya tune. This gesture not only entertained but also emphasized the joy and unity of the occasion.

The ruracio celebration was a blend of cultural authenticity and modern elegance. Guests from the central region of Kenya donned customary earth-toned brown attire, a fitting tribute to tradition. The event also incorporated traditional offerings and gestures, such as the presentation of iconic kiondo bags to the bride’s family.

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